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Here you will find a detailed overview of selected projects by our company over recent years.

Remediation of the Tri Dump, Stadtallendorf

The Tri Dump was the residue landfill used for the decades of explosives production at the site in Stadtallendorf, Hesse. While the nitroaromatic compounds contaminating the soil in today’s town mainly presented a risk to the residents, the water leaking from the Tri Dump in particular was a serious danger for the ground water and hence the supply of drinking water in the region. Besides other nitroaromatics and aromatics, the high levels of toxic mono-nitroaromatics were especially critical.

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Remediation of a Former Textile Processing Plant in Leipzig

An investigation of contaminated sites on the grounds of the former textile washing facility in Leipzig identified two pits that were filled with PER sludge and that had been dug specifically for this purpose. Infiltration of precipitation water, coupled with the absence of surface sealing, had led to a continuous leakage of pollutants from the pits and into the ground water close to the surface. Additional preliminary analyses revealed a highly elevated risk that the chlorinated volatile organic compounds might degrade into the toxic breakdown products cDCE and VC in the areas of the PER sludge pits.

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Remediation of the Le Letten landfill

The former Le Letten landfill is situated in Hagenthal le Bas Valley in Alsace (F), roughly 300 m from the Swiss border, near Schönenbuch in the canton of Basel-Landschaft (CH). It was used in the 1950s and 1960s to store excavated soil, as well as commercial, industrial and chemical waste.

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Benzene Factory Zeitz

The grounds of the former mineral oil plant ADDINOL Lützkendorf is situated on the southern reaches of the mining region of Geisel Valley in the district of Merseburg-Querfurt. The complex lies adjacent to the town of Krumpa in the southwest. The bitumen storage basin belongs to the old facility in the former mineral oil plant. The filling stations that were once part of the complex were almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The ‘basin’ this created was later used to introduce propane bitumen, sometimes containing foreign matter, which was then stored there in a largely solid state.

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