The international environmental management standard ISO 14001 defines globally recognised requirements for environmental management systems and belongs to the family of standards. This family includes numerous other standards addressing various areas of environmental management. It can be applies to enterprises in both the manufacturing and the services industries.

ISO 14001 places a focus on a continuous improvement process as a means of achieving the defined targets in regard to the environmental performance of ARE Deutzen GmbH. This continuous improvement process is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act method (PDCA):

  • Plan: Definition of the targets and processes that are necessary to implement the environmental policies of ARE Deutzen GmbH.
  • Do: Implementation of the processes.
  • Check: Monitoring of the processes for compliance with legal and other requirements, as well as with the environmental policy targets at ARE Deutzen GmbH.
  • Act: The processes must be corrected (modified) if necessary.

ARE Deutzen GmbH has defined corporate environmental policies, environmental targets and an environmental programme and has also established an appropriate management system that helps to achieve these targets. At our company, material flow analysis has proven its value to help describe environmental impacts. Continuous improvement is achieved through regular auditing of the defined environmental targets and the environmental management system.