Earth' is a synonym for our plant and for soil as well.
Thermal treatment
120,000 t annual capacity
Intermediate storage
80,000 t annual capacity
Total capacity
200,000 t
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The remediation of contaminated sites, revitalisation and disposal are becoming increasingly important means of environmental protection in industrial countries. We have been committed to these areas since the inception of our company.

Environmental disasters and industrial use can damage the soil in ways that are harmful to humans and nature. With our commitment and technology, we help to rid our planet of burdens that are caused by contaminated sites. Our treatment uses the most suitable methods to separate the soil from existing contamination, while our waste management ensures sustainable disposal through recycling or removal.

The ARE Deutzen GmbH core competency is based on over 20 years of experience in the treatment of complex contaminated waste on a mineral basis through the operation of a thermal soil treatment facility (desorption) at our location in Deutzen, west Saxony. The unique reliability of our technical system, as well as the dependability and conscientiousness of our staff, guarantee our fulfilment of these important tasks within environmental protection.

ARE Deutzen GmbH is German market leader in the field of thermal soil treatment and an expert partner to all companies within civil engineering or the industrial sector that remediate or revitalise contaminated sites. Typical remediation projects are completed at disused industrial and gasworks locations or for the removal of contamination at military or chemical facilities.