We are publicly committed to the principles of a social market economy. It is our firm belief that ethical and economic values are dependent on each other and that mutual trust, transparency and fair dealings in the business world are indispensable. This policy does not contradict – and is instead the basis for – the primary objective of our enterprise, namely to ensure the continued and successful operation of our company as a going concern, to the benefit of our employees, the environment and our society. By implementing this policy, we ensure adequate profitability and hence long-term prosperity for our company.

We adhere to the material laws and rules governing free and fair competition and expect our business partners and competitors to do the same. We firmly reject corruption, manipulation, antitrust activities and other unlawful actions. With our defined and binding Code of Conduct, we provide our employees with guidance and protect them from unethical practices. Infringements of our internal rules may expose ARE Deutzen GmbH and its staff to considerable risks and will therefore not be tolerated. Our value management guarantees that we will remain a reliable and reputable partner to our customers and business associates in the future as well.