”Earth” is a synonym for both our planet and our soil.

Environmental remediation, revitalisation and waste disposal are becoming ever increasingly important due to the established framework of environmental protection in industrial countries. And it is precisely because of this that these three key competences form the initials of our company name.

Environmental disasters and/or industrial use can result in noxious contamination of the soil that threatens both nature and people. With our technology and commitment, we help to free our planet from existing contaminated sites on polluted ground. We implement the appropriate process of treatment so that the ground is freed from the existing contamination and ensure sustained waste disposal by means of recycling and disposal using our proven waste management.

The core competence of ARE Deutzen GmbH is founded in its over 20 year experience in treating complex polluted mineral waste through the running of our thermal soil treatment facility (Desorption) at our Saxony location in Deutzen. The unique reliability of our technical facility as well as the dependability and the sense of responsibility of our employees ensure the fulfillment of these tasks in the field of environmental protection.

ARE Deutzen GmbH is the German market leader in the field of thermal soil treatment and the expert partner for all companies in civil engineering and for industrial enterprises refurbishing and revitalising contaminated locations. Typical remediation projects emerge from out of service industrial and gasworks facilities, military contaminated sites or the chemical industry.
ARE Deutzen GmbH receives the “CrefoZert“ Creditreform rating certificate
The Creditreform Leipzig Niedenzu KG has for the first time presented ARE Deutzen GmbH with the CrefoZert credit rating certificate and in doing so has acknowledged the company’s very good creditworthiness. Particularly of note is the above-average equity-to-assets ratio and the financial structure of ARE Deutzen GmbH.
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ARE Deutzen GmbH was able to consolidate its market position in the field of thermal soil remediation and also increased turnover in 2014.
ARE Deutzen GmbH (ARE) was able to continue its successful development in the field of thermal soil remediation in the 2014 business year making €11.5m.
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